Group Camping - Drumming
We are creating an outdoor opportunity to do some drumming around
the fire, and to camp on the grounds. Having seen these grounds many
times on bike rides and hikes the thought occurred, wouldn't it be fun
to book a day or two here to have some fun. A permit has been issued
and we are set to go! The site is at Heber Down Conservation Area.

The campsite permit allows us to be there from 10 AM July 16th
through July 17th. Bring your drum and tent and possibly your hiking
shoes. And of course you can come and go as you please. Use the
contact button to email your suggestions, questions or excitement.

For those who would like to come for the drumming, join us at 7:00 PM
Sunday evening, July 16th.

The Group Camping Spirit Walk Events were birthed on June 21st 2006.

This is a non-profit event. If you would like to contribute to the cost of
securing the permit you are welcome. So far it looks like the costs will
be approximately $100 in total.

Feel welcome to join us as we connect to the simplicity of nature
through the joy of drumming and camping.