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Podcast Upload Offer

If you are one of the many presenters, lecturers, or speakers who were recorded through Audiotree services and would like to make that recording available through a podcast from this site please fill out and send the form below. By linking to the main streaming audio page on this site you will be able to access the podcast audiofile from your own web site. Check the stipulations below.

  • The subject of your presentation is Health Related, preferable alternative health modality.
  • All engineering has been provided through Audiotree services.
  • You will provide a title and description of the presentation which can be posted.
  • You are the person who is featured in the presentation or you have the permisson of the person presenting.
  • The condtion and or existence of the source file will determine if the presentation can be made available.
  • You are aware that your presentation will be accessable to any web surfer who visits this site.
  • There are no absolute guarantees that your presentation will be processed and uploaded.